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Won't You Believe In Me Antique Sheet Music Vocal Piano Ray O Vac Twins Ballad Vintage 1926 Jess Williams Lester Palmer

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Title: Won't You Believe in Me
Type of Music: Ballad
Instrument: Vocal, Piano
Music and Lyrics by: Lester Palmer and Jess Williams
Performer: Russ Wildey and Billy Sheehan
Photograph of Performer: Yes
Date Published:1928
Published by: Jess Williams
Country Printed: United States
:Size: 12" x 9 1/4"
Pages: Color illustrated front cover, one two-sided interior, sample song back cover

Condition: Fair-to-good condition with watermarks/stains on front and back fold, tear at fold requires these pages be handled with care, retailer's stamp on front cover, yellowing pages appropriate for age.

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