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Cookie Jar Vintage Treasure Craft Wood Stain Glaze Ceramic California Pottery Vintage Kitchen Canister 1950's Apple Fruit Grapevine Rustic Farmhouse

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This COOKIE JAR is an excellent example of functional mid-century California Pottery made by Treasure Craft.
Popular among collectors, it is unique and rare, valuable due to its age, maker, size, finish and design.

The ceramic cookie jar has plenty of counter-top storage for a variety of food items and is amply sized to hold a big batch of big cookies,
The wood stain glaze also known as rubbed bisque gives this jar a wood look finish.
The carved wood effect nicely highlights the fruit motif front and the western script 'Cookies' plaque
A mod chrome knob sits in the center of the lid which is ornately molded with a dutch tulip/fleur de lis design.

Attractive from all view points, the back of the jar continues the fruit motif with a grape vine branch and leaves making it suitable for wine theme decorating. Don't be tempted to use it as a wine bottle chiller though, this piece should enjoy a comfortable room temperature at all times.
The jar measures 10" h x 6 3/4" diameter.
The roomy, wide and tall interior is glazed white.
The condition is VERY good with very few dots of worn glaze on and under the apple.
As seen in the photos, the finish on the top of chrome handle has some wear but is not unsightly and is not flaking.
The jar is clean and ready to use.

The inside of the lid is marked "Treasure Craft made in USA".
Initially, Treasure Craft was a distributor but in 1949 began to manufacture pottery in southern California.
The business outgrew the original facility in South Gate and acquired several additional factories were opened to handle the demand for USA pottery.
Treasure Craft began marking the city where the item was created with their trademark name in 1956.
The wood stain glaze was used beginning in 1952.
Cookie jars were discontinued from the Treasure Craft line in 1955 with the demand for full canister sets although new designs with brighter colors were marketed for a few years beginning in 1968.
With those facts we can be determine this cookie jar was made between 1952 and 1955 in South Gate, California.

What kind of cookies has it held? Perhaps, Oatmeal with California Raisins.

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