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Reverse Glass Silhouette Photography Wall Hanging Rare 1920's - 30's F W Brehm Western Wagon Inspirational Poem Milkweed Matte Dried Flowers

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This framed art is a VERY rare example of the 1920's photography of Frederick W Brehm. A photography teacher, inventor and creative legend, Brehm is known for his early 1900's panoramic photography which led to his patent of the Cirkut Panorama Camera. His time exposure camera was produced by Rochester Panoramic Camera Company and later by Eastman Kodak which he joined in 1917. He was instrumental in the development of the Department of Photography at the Rochester Athenaeum and Mechanics Institute where he experimented with techniques, equipment and styles. Frederick Brehm taught many aspiring photographers the fundamentals of photography but more so, he instilled in them the love for the creative medium and the possibilities of the technology and equipment.

The photograph used to create this picture was taken by F W Brehm in 1929, just before he began teaching at the institute. The photo was used sometime between 1929 and 1940 to create the wall hanging as it exists today. The back of the picture is marked "Copyright by F.W. Brehm". There is a personal inscription with the date "Christmas 1940".

There are many other special elements to this piece:

The subject matter is one of Brehm's favorites - the world outdoors, landscapes. The silhouette may be a section of one of his larger panoramic photographs. The artist's landscapes were commonly printed long and narrow, 36" x 8".

The matting is made of milkweed. The effect resembles polished stone and gives the artwork an interesting metallic and colorful background. The milkweed choice is perfect for the mountains the silhouette outlines.

The addition of colorful dried flowers and leaves adds a brightness to the landscape. I am particularity impressed at the intensity of the floral colors after 80+ years,

Then, there is the script poem offering blessings for personal endeavors, "To know just where, the trail doth lead, Is more important far than speed: No toilsome journey daunts the soul, When Vision sees a worth-while goal."

As mentioned, the brightness of the picture is incredible. The glass is free of chips, cracks or discoloration. The frame completely encases the glass and matte but has two joints that have spread.

This is wonderful American art by a renowned photographer and teacher. Rarely does a Brehm piece enter the market for sale; most of his work is on display at museums and in private collections

F W Brehm Photography dated 1929, signed art
Reverse negative silhouette on glass
Mountain landscape
Western stagecoach, pack, horses, cows, cowboys,
Milkweed matting with colorful dried flowers
Framed art 8" l x 6" w
White/beige wooden frame
Original picture backing with date and inscription

I am willing to consider reasonable offers on this rare and unique piece of photographic history - please contact me to discuss.