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Gnome Figurine Shabby Elf Troll Hillbilly Mountain Man Heavy Cast Plastic Hand Painted Vintage Collectible made in Hong Kong

  • $ 2995


Adorably Sweet Mid-1950's (1953 - 1956) Figurine Made in Hong Kong
I am not sure what to call him; Old Gnome, Troll, Elf, Hillbilly, Mountain Man or Recluse but
everything about this guy is charming - his posture, beer belly showing through this overalls, long flowing beard, cute sleepy eyes, and his tattered worn appearance.
Muted dark red hat, brown boots and blue pants, grey white beard
Hand Painted Heavy Cast Plastic
3" h x 2" l x 1" w
His design is intentionally shabby so the wear and tear of his life over the last 57 - 60 years has added to his charm. At some point his pinkie finger was broken, Other than that he is just how he has always been, doing his job holding the candle, not asking for much in return,comfortable with his lot in life.


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