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Donna Parker at Cherrydale Vintage Book Marcia Martin Novel Series for Teen Girls 1957 Fiction Hardback Collectible

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Summer romance, simpler times, mid-century values - this book will bring you back to those days in 1957 with teen heroine Donna Parker
Donna Parker at Cherrydale
Series book by Marcia Martin
Illustrations by Jon Nelson
The terrific mint green, black and white artist drawings scream 1950's - and make we want Mint Chip ice cream.
Whitman Publishing Co, Racine, Wisconsin
1957 Hardback
Book #1590
282 pages
& 1/2" h x 5 1/2" l x 1 1/8" w
American English
Suitable for Tween Girls and Young Teens
Very nice exterior - would be terrific as a display book in 1950's decor
Cracked spine at front cover with no loose pages
Excellent interior with lightly yellowing pages but no writing, dog ears, marks, stains or discoloration

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