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Decorative Bowl Antique Eagle Brand Ironstone Vintage Handpainted Modern Floral Ceramic Pottery Fruit Bowl Serving Dish Centerpiece

  • $ 4995

Beautiful centerpiece or serving bowl by Eagle Brand
Antique pre-WWII ironstone pottery made in the USA
Mediterranean influence floral design hand painted in vivid shades of red, yellow and green.
11" diameter, 3 1/4" high
Steeply sided with fluted edge
Pattern on edge and painted border give the appearance of a scalloped edge
Marked with logo "Eagle Brand"
The crown and eagle wing logo on this piece before 1945 when the manufacturing of Eagle Brand was in the United States.
After 1945 most production was transferred to Japan and items were marked as such and included the words Ironstone Ware on the label. This is an older, rarer (and more lovely in my opinion) piece of American pottery
Lovely condition with no known chips, cracks, crazing, fading, flaking, or discoloration.
Gift quality and condition!

PDCV2 W205SW315BL FL1114
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