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Convertible Clutch Purse Burnt Orange Leather with Gold Chain Strap Hand Bag Vintage Pocketbook Hippie Boho Fashion Accessory

  • $ 1995

Very nice condition Vintage 1970's Burnt Orange Leather Purse
9" l x 6" h clutch with 30" gold metal chain strap
Knotted leather tab and gold bead accent on both sides
Chocolate brown fabric lining

There are two things I love about this purse. The first is the way the internal frame holds the purse widely opened for good visibility (I know I dropped a TicTac in there!)

The second is that it reminds me of starting Junior High in 1972, just as I was about to become a teenager. We lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, just steps away from Berkeley.and 20 minutes from Haight Ashbury. I know boho and hippie style because I lived in it, it was around me everywhere. Except in my home.
While my heart longed for a purple macrame pouch with a long strap and even longer fringe, I know that this purse would have been as close to a hippie style purse my parents would have let me own. The leather was a given for the times. While a 'real' hippie purse would be handcrafted and sold on city streets and have long, long fringe, this department store purse with its tiny bit of fringe as the only adornment spoke of good taste and quality with slight acknowledgement to the style of the era. Used as a clutch or as a shoulder bag, the gold metal strap made it a 'proper' purse. I did have hip length hair parted in the middle though! And, a flower in my hair at every opportunity.

Anyway, this is a really nice purse, true to the style of the early 1970's with may more radical -or radical wanna be - days of good use ahead.

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