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Brown Flocked Plastic Teddy Bear Wearing Santa Hat Figurine Vintage Christmas Decoration Retro Carnival Toy 1960's Kitsch

  • $ 1995

Adorable kitschy teddy bear Christmas decoration
Decked in Christmas plaid shorts and a Santa hat
Free standing 9" h bear with 2" gold cord hanging loop
Brown flocked plastic screams 1960's, as does his tattered untied bow
I just love this guy. He is charming in every way, including his signs of age and use.
He has a boo-boo over this left eye. Although the flocking lays flat the tear is visible. I have not applied any adhesive to keep it in place or to minimize the 'scar'. Also, the coloring on the tip of his nose is worn and a bit of flocking is missing from the left side of his nose. His bow could be retied with some nimbler fingers than I have.


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