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Santa Claus Figurines Three Miniature Antique Celluloid Christmas Home Decor Craft Supply Vintage Collectible

  • $ 2995

Set if three adorable celluloid Santa Claus Figurines
1 1/4" tall miniatures
One Santa is kneeling and waving, one is on roller skates (my favorite of these three) and the other is pulling a sack of toys. Look closely at skating Santa's skates - they are SHOE SKATES! Smile now if you remember wearing a shoe skate key on a shoelace around your neck.

The skating and kneeling figures are not free standing, they need to lean or be affixed to something. A tiny bit of hardware store 'stay put' adhesive gum on their feet will do.
Each in very good condition. Skating Santa has some paint wear on the holly on his hat. No chips, cracks or broken parts.
Charming trio of collectible celluloid Santa from the early 1950's. They could be older- from the late 40's. I can trace them to 1954.

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