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A and W Root Beer Frosty Beverage Mug Freezable 20 Ounce 1980's Advertising Memorabilia Barware

  • $ 1500

A&W All American Food Advertising Handled Beverage Cup
Root Beer, Soda, Beer Mug
Freezable 'Frosty' Mug
7" High, 3" Diameter
Long wide handle - perfect for big dad hands
20 Ounce
Clear Glass, Solid, Heavy

After A & W's early 1970's corporate chaos, which closed many franchise locations and left Rooty the Bear's drive in-carhop-diner a memory, the traditional and well-known brown, orange and white thumbprint logo used on this mug returned to market in 1976. In 1978 the company added 'All American Food' to their branding. Don't be fooled by other's claims that their mugs are from the 60's or earlier. If they have this logo and/or slanted letters they are newer This mug is from the mid-1980's purchased in California where A & W opened their first drive-in in the 1910's.


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