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You Can Trust A Vintage Addiction

Putting your trust in a business you are not familiar with is not easy. Online shopping is inherently risky because liars and thieves have made it a cheaters paradise.  All shoppers must be aware and use common sense when providing their name, address and credit card information. on the internet. 

At A Vintage Addiction we take our business seriously.  That means we take your security and privacy VERY seriously. 
Your name, address, or e-mail is never shared.  We use two secure payment processors - Stripe and Paypal.  We never see your personal payment information.  The processors tell us they have accepted your payment on our behalf.  When we receive their notice we ship you your order as soon as possible, usually the next working day. Sometimes the timing is right for same day shipping.  We are quick.  We use FedEx and USPS for shipping.  We provide tracking numbers for all orders. 

Our customers will tell you the same.  We have been e-commerce retailers for several years and have an excellent reputation with eBay. our three Etsy stores and several other minor webstores.

Please check out our customer's comments and feel assured that you will receive the same positive, quick, secure and friendly service they have.